O.TWO.O Gorgeous Lipstick

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Color: 7

High colour saturation

Full lustre for the Lipstick paste,Just a little bit will cover up the original lip color and make your lips look very shiny.

Smooth Lipstick paste

Smooth like chocolate.Won’t have bad experience of pulling your lips for you.You can quickly apply all over your lips with it even though refining makeup outside.

Matte mist texture

Wear it all year round, Suitable for whether you're going on a date or going to work.Matte finish will make your makeup look more sophisticated.

Unworldly shades

Unconventional and color modulation.No matter what your skin tone or style, you can find the corresponding shade. Maybe today is the time to make a change.

Lip wrinkles weaken

Contains moisturizing ingredients.It's not just putting on lipstick, but also nourishing your lips all day.You will find out your lips are still moist after removing makeup at night.

Supernormal colour locking ability

Because it is matte, so more difficult to fade.It’s not obvious to stain on the cup.No need to worry on a date.

Color: 7

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