O.TWO.O Brow Styling Soap

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Have you noticed a slight shift in brow culture lately? It seems like those carved, ombre brows are gradually starting to make way for something a little more feathery and natural. And for good reason: The feathery brow look is pretty much universally flattering, with a laidback appeal that still feels dressy and professional.

Do You Want To Achieve Natural, Feathery Eyebrows? Try this O.TWO.O eyebrow soap which are all over Beauty Tutorials.


This is the latest eyebrow styling product. Make your messy eyebrows neat and orderly. It is mild and non irritating materials and can help you get natural feathery eyebrows.

How To Use

 First Spray water on the brush or soap, then use the brush rub it back and forth on soap to dip in an appropriate amount of soap. At Last brush it on the eyebrows.

Feathery eyebrows tutorial

Firstly use eyebrow trimmer in the suit to trim off the excess eyebrows; secondly use our soap eyebrow to shaping your eyebrows; thirdly use eyebrow pencil or brow pomade to fill your eyebrow; At last, use eye concealer to hide defect part, then you will get natural feathered eyebrows look!!! Whether you have sparse brows that need a helping hand or you are rocking that bushy look, you can get fluffy brows.

Packing list

1x Eyebrow Soap

1x Brush

1x Eyebrow Trimmer

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The product itself is cool. Soap fixes eyebrows. For me, this is a problem, since the hair is thick and rough and ordinary styling gels did not cope well with it. There is a very comfortable brush and even a blade. The consumption of soap will be small. Thank you seller, wish you prosperity❤️


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